Tuesday, 3 February 2009

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If we want dark and gloomy, the realities of what is already looking to be a long, cold, dark winter should be soundtracked by something like PLUG. Regardless of the changing of the seasons though, Fresh Pleasures / Nonchalant Love (Parlour) is what we should all be listening to. With thundering synths rotting your mind while vocals that sound like an uptempo, less-lazy CocoRosie, 'Fresh Pleasures' simply drips pop menace. It's the most curiously entertaining record of the month.



Scary like the organs being laid to waste at a haunted church, Fresh Pleasures saunters in before those bewitching vocals chime in, everything at the wrong angle with each other, before it becomes a near-hypnotic chant…



Sounding like a less polished Robots In Disguise, PLUG comprises the various deliberations of Sian and Georgie, who have released a hideously catchy tune in 'Fresh Pleasures'. The interesting thing about the track, though, is that however catchy the song may be, there's not one portion of the song that gives the listener the opportunity to sing along. While this might be a negative thing, the result is that this completely original yet bizarre song makes you instantly want to hear more from the duo. And so I stick around for the b-side. 'Nonchalant Love' isn't as lyrically interesting as 'Fresh Pleasures', but musically is a dense, industrial tune that really showcases the band's talent. Overall, this single makes me quite want to see this band live; I'm sure it would be an incredible experience. GM



PLUG - indeed just what the good doctor ordered, now if we had a radio show of our own we'd be fleecing the airwaves with exactly this kind of stuff - hell the blighters would never be off the ruddy turntable. A debut single is looming large on the horizon via Parlour Records (see below) of which clips of both sides are showcased here - and judging by the racket they make we suspect there'll be no sleep in our gaff until we've nabbed a copy or two of said wax disc as our own. Information is scant about the duo - Sian and Georgie (we don't know who plays the drums / sings and who takes care of the bass duties) - in fact there is no information though its quite obvious that there's a certain amount of fondness for Joy Division at the core of what is essentially some well heeled austere and angular groove. 'Fresh Pleasures' is very much a post punk flashback, the blankly dumbed down agitated and chilled textures sounding not unlike something crackling through the static interference of a John Peel show c.79 / 80 between the acutely sparse primitive no wave dialects elements of the Native Hipsters, Delta 5, the Slits and the Passage appear with dislocated delight though its too teasingly brief to fully appraise - a later day perhaps. Likewise with its flip 'Nonchalant Love' which on this brief taster sounds like a well heeled slab of primal early career Creatures.



With an utterly confusing press release in tow, Plug offer two quirky tracks with enough to them to make you want to listen to them again. It's not pretty but it's worth a look.



Plug, a two-piece who are currently promoting their 'Fresh Pleasures' single on Parlour Records. They don't sound like they formed in 2008; their minimalist drum/bass/organ sound would rather get them played on the John Peel show in 1981 between Glaxo Babies and Delta 5. Have a listen to their b-side 'Nonchalant Love' for a feast of drumbeats and wailing from another era.

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